21 July 2008

Dishwasher, toilet with flushing water, indoor shower, handwash with water - the camp is one big smile.

Dome golfing

Dome golfing

Water in the system, heat in the radiators. A very big day for the camp. Just to watch people exit the bathroom area with a smile from ear to ear. After 77 days at NEEM.! The firn-gas programs continued and are reaching the pore close off depth, the ice core processing is keeping up with the drilling. In the drill trench the drill workshop has been furnished with a table and a lathe and the floor is being prepared for the long central beams. In the science trench the elevator is operational so we are ready to take ice core boxes up for retro on Wednesday. The HF radio has been installed in the main dome to be ready for flight operations on Wednesday.

S2 (Mainly used for the European Gas Programs)
Gas pumped at the depth 55.0m
Processed ice core to bag 78 (depth: 42.9m)

S3 (Mainly used for US Gas Programs)
Gas pumped at the depths 62.0m and 64.0m
Processed ice core to bag 111 (depth: 61.05m)

What we have done today:

  1. Placed table and lathe in the drill workshop and moved drill tool to workshop.
  2. Started water and heat systems in main dome.
  3. Successfully finalized installation of elevator in science trench.
  4. Successfully prepared system for receiving fuel from airplane to tank and giving fuel from tank to airplane.
  5. Groomed skiway with Flexmobil and beam groomer.
  6. Cut 2.5 cm water isotope samples and measured ECM on S2 and S3 ice cores.
  7. Firn-gas pumping program successfully continued.
  8. The traverse arrived to NGRIP at 13:30 and reported all is well. Winds of 35 kn caused further work to be postponed.

Weather: overcast with snow and drifting snow in the morning clearing to blue sky during afternoon, -17 - 10 C, wind 0-18 kn from S, visibility ¼ mile

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