12 July 2008

Main Generator moves into camp

Main Generator on the move

The main generator is pulled into camp.

The weather Saturday was very windy but the sky was mainly blue. Reaming with reamer 4 continued until 20cm before the bottom. Why? – Steff had to use his slot in the very busy shower list for Saturday evening. The generator was moved from the cargo area to the main dome with the Pistenbully and placed near the main dome. The generator was successfully started and cables pulled to the dome and the 2 red sleeping domes. Great success! We had a very good Saturday night with Korean food prepared by JiWoong. Outstanding! And – it was Louises birthday – which was celebrated with birthday cake, many birthday songs from different nations and entertainment through the night. A great evening to mark the first Saturday Evening in our main dome.

Reaming depth: 91.84m
Reamer 4 diameter: 255 mm

What we have done today:

  1.  Reamed the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 4 from 222 to 255mm.
  2.  Moved the main generator to camp and turned it on.
  3.  Changed the power on the south side of camp to the main generator.
  4.  Moved equipment to the firn-air site.
  5.  Put up the first Viessmann lab at the firn-air site.
  6.  Moved boxes from pallets to the camp and science trench.

Ad 5 It turns up that all four Viessmann houses are missing all the panels with doors and windows. Panels for the 2 warm labs have been used to create one Viessmann and a plywood sheet used to make a door.

Weather: blue sky changing to high scattered clouds, -10 C, wind 15-17 knots from E, visibility unrestricted

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