11 July 2008

Success with the fueling system


Workspace on the first floor of the Dome.

Friday we received the last 13 people in NEEM for this flight period and said goodbye to Claus. We are now 32 in camp – a very high load with the still rather primitive camp we have. During the flight mission we tested the fuel pumping system and after some misunderstanding on which direction to pump we succeeded in pumping fuel into the Skier. The opposite was not tested because it would require exchanging of the pipes. We will work on a system where both ways can be done without exchanging pipes.

Fuelling the Skier.

The Viessmann building was build around the generator standing on the sledge. Unpacking of cargo continued. Reaming started with reamer 4 but during the afternoon the reamer was stuck in a depth of 38.4 m. 30 l of glycol was poured into the hole and during the evening the reamer was free again. In the dome a bench was made along the round wall. For the first time we could see that it IS possible to be 32 dinning together in the dome.

Reaming depth: 45 m
Reamer 4 diameter: 255 mm

What we have done today:

  1. Reamed the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 4 with from 222 to 255 mm.
  2. Received skier 72 and successfully pumped fuel from the NEEM tank to the skier.
  3. Building the Viessmann building around the main generator on a sledge.
  4. Worked on leveling the floor for the second garage.
  5. Selected the site for the gas pumping program.
  6. Moved boxes from pallets to the camp and science trench.

Ad 2: The operation went really smooth again and we are grateful for the ground time allocated for testing the fuelling system. Again thanks to the crew of Skier 94 for a great operation.

Ad 5: The selected site is situated at:
EU (N77 26.020’; W51 06.720’)
US (N77 25.996’; W51 06.161’)
which is 1500 m in the direction 220 T from the deep NEEM borehole.

Weather: blue sky changing to high scattered clouds, -3 to -16 C, wind 0-8 knots from S, visibility unrestricted.

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen

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