10 July 2008

The camp drowns in cargo

Unpacking pallets

Cargo on the surface next to the dome.

The second mission this week was planned for today. No passengers and a full load of cargo. This is the days where all our wishes come true. Louise drowns in food, the dome overloads with goods and we have big piles everywhere. The camp is busy with arranging the cargo and we hope the good weather will continue for a few days before we have arranged all the goods.

Storing goods over the entrance door in the dome.

In the dome, Henrik placed the first shower (no water still) and the roof over the entrance door is made so we can store goods here. Henrik, Valerie and Dennis work on sealing the dome with Rockwool on the inside and foam on the outside. It helps a lot and the temperature in the dome is now between 12 and 20 C. The generator is placed on the floor of the Viessmann hut on a big German sledge. It is our vision to have the generator running for Saturday night. The reaming is now in 2 shifts and so fast that the teams were out of work at 5 pm: the last reamer will arrive with the next load of cargo.

Reaming depth: 102 m
Reamer 3 diameter: 222 mm

What we have done today:

  1. Finished reaming the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 3.
  2. Received skier 72 and worked on the fueling system between the skier and the NEEM tank.
  3. Stored the non-freeze surface gas cargo in the dome.
  4. Arranged food.
  5. Pumped more fuel from GRIT bladder to NEEM tank.
  6. Moved boxes from pallets to the camp.
  7. Sealed the dome, placed shower, improved staircase and made a roof above the entrance door.

Ad 2: The operation went really smooth again. We are honored by the visit of Col German and Col Basile. Again thanks to the crew of Skier 72 for a great operation.

Weather: blue sky, -7 to -16 C, wind 10 knots from S, visibility unrestricted.

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen

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