7 July 2008

A beautiful day with no winds and sunshine in the evening

Cosy evening in the sun

Camp enjoying the evening meal outdoors in sunshine and no wind.

The camp is preparing to be expanded from 16 to 32 people. We expect to move the intermediate kitchen to the main dome on Wednesday. So the dome is being sealed to be weatherproof. The outer walls towards the area for toilets, showers and washes have been made and preparations are made to close the cupola. The pass way between the science and drill trench is finished. The reaming with the first reamer is finished. There is 3 m of fine chips in the bottom of the hole that were attempted to be moved with a shorter reamer and with the shallow drill with no success. Preparations where made to change to the second reamer.

Reaming diameter: 135mm
Reaming depth: 103 m

What we have done today:

  1. Finished reaming the NEEM pilot hole from the diameter 104mm to 135mm
  2. Finished the floor on the first floor.
  3. Sealed most of the main dome and worked on finishing the cupola.
  4. Started plumber installations in dome
  5. Finished the pass way between the science and drill trenches
  6. Maintenance on the Pistenbully.
  7. Cleaned the surface and build retropallets

Weather: overcast clearing in the evening to blue sky, -2 to -13 C, wind 0-6 knots from SW, visibility unrestricted

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