6 July 2008

A flight period is coming up and the new fuel system is being prepared

Dome construction

Dome construction reflected in sunglasses.

A day with high broken overcast and the work just continues. In the dome the construction of the first floor continued and we have begun placing walls on the ground floor. The passage team broadens the passage between the science and drill trenches. They have the pleasure of being supported by Fabian and Tim – thanks! A motor saw is used to remove blocks. They are placed on a Nansen sledge and pulled to the surface with a skidoo. Reaming continues with small problems with fine ice chips sticking to the reamer. Michael and Claus used the afternoon inspecting the fuel system. The box with fittings is still in Kangerlussuaq and we will have to wait for them before we can test/use the fuelling system.

The breakthrough between the drill and science trenches.

Reaming diameter: 135 mm Reaming depth: 96 m

What we have done today:

  1. Continued reaming the NEEM pilot hole from the diameter 104 mm to 135 mm.
  2. Worked on the first floor and started placing walls on the ground floor.
  3. Broadened the corridor between the science and drill trenches.
  4. Inspection of the fuel pump.

Weather: Overcast, -4 to -14 C, wind 6-14 knots from NNE, visibility unrestricted.

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