5 July 2008

The day when the moles broke through between the science and the drill trenches

First floor windows

Placing first floor windows in main dome.

One more good day with blue sky and wind. Today the first floor windows could be placed in the dome. This included rappellers, PistenBully crane and a floor to stand on the inside. After carefully measuring directions a team equipped with motorsaw managed to break through after 5 m digging between the science and drill trenches. It was ‘Saturday night’ so Henrik used the afternoon as bath master and all 16 got a good warm shower. We had a French evening with a French meal cooked by Valerie and Fabian and all dressed in ‘French style’ polar clothes.

Careful planning of direction and distance to dig between science and drill trenches.

Reaming diameter: 135mm
Reaming depth: 78m

What we have done today:

  1. Continued reaming the NEEM pilot hole from the diameter 104mm to 135mm
  2. Worked on the first floor and placed first floor windows in dome
  3. Started the corridor between the science and drill trenches.
  4. The second snowblower is repaired and ready to use.
  5. BAS radar program
  6. Showers and Saturday night.

Ad 6. Our bartender Mark has found a technique to avoid too foaming beer by careful temperature control.

Weather: blue sky, -3 to -12 C, wind 10-14 kn from SW, visibility unrestricted

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen

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