8 July 2008

More people arriving tomorrow

Sealing dome

Foam is placed in the panel connections to seal the dome.

Everybody in camp is busy preparing the camp for the increase of people from 16 to 32 tomorrow. The dome is being cleaned from saw dust and the first sinks are being placed (without water for now). In the cupola the top hatch has been made and placed. The reaming of the borehole goes very well and the reaming with the second reamer was finished in just one day. In the science trench the first two 6.5 m long table are installed. In Kangerlussuaq the group of 21 people from Europe and skiers arrived. We are all ready!

Reaming depth: 102 m
Reamer 2 diameter: 185 mm

What we have done today:

  1. Reamed the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 2 from 135 to 185 mm.
  2. Made and placed a top hatch in the cupola.
  3. Worked on the installation of water pipes in the dome.
  4. Placed two long tables in the science trench.
  5. Moved boxes from pallets to the camp.

Weather: broken overcast, -7 to -13 C, wind 13-18 knots, visibility unrestricted.

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen

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