27 June 2008

The main task of the day was to build the science trench roof. While building we received guests.


Receiving Pete and Pete arriving on ski to NEEM.

Friday was a day with warm temperatures. In the morning we had high overcast and low winds. We received skier 73 and received the last cargo for this week. We got the first of the 3 fuel tanks to camp together with the fuel pump and we are looking forward to use the fuel system. The main task of the day was to build a roof on the science trench and the whole camp worked on this task. During the afternoon we suddenly saw 2 persons on ski watching us! Pete and Pete from Finland have been skiing from South Greenland passing the research stations Raven, Summit and NGRIP before reaching NEEM. What a surprise. They stayed in camp overnight before they continued to Quarnaq. Read more about their expedition on www.expedition.fi/greenland2008.

Building the first half of the science trench roof

The building team 

What we have done today:

  1. Received skier 73 at 07:50
  2. Tilled parking area and tilled skier tracks from taxi area and skiway.
  3. Build half of the science trench roof.
  4. Searched for the NEEM 2007 shallow borehole.

Weather: Overcast in the morning clearing to blue sky, -17 to -3 C, wind 4 knots from S, visibility unrestricted.

Ad 1. Again the skier barely made tracks on the skiway and parking area. When parked the front ski could be lifted free of the surface. The skier had the front ski up after 1/2 the skiway and was air born after 2/3 of the skiway. No ATO’s where used. Like yesterday the double pallets were offloaded on the sledge. Thanks to the crew on the skier for a very smooth operation.

FL, JD. Dahl-Jensen

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