28 June 2008

Again the roof building was the main camp task. And of course: It was Saturday night.

Construction of the bridge part of the roof

Construction of the bridge part of the roof. Peter is secured to the crane.

Most of the team continued the work with the drill trench roof. Today we bridged the pass way between the science trench and the drill trench using the crane to support Peter placing the beams over the pass way. Fabian and Tim started their radar survey by GPS mapping the region. Mark, Valerie and Dorthe cooked for Saturday night: snacks for appetizer, hot curry, fruit salad with cream and Greenlandic coffee. Mark used 5 cargo straps to secure the inventory in the kitchen for dancing and it was tested.

Saturday night dancing with the oven secured with a cargo strap.

What we have done today:

  1. Continued the science trench roof construction.
  2. Survey for BAS radar program
  3. Shower construction in garage
  4. Continued searched for the NEEM 2007 shallow borehole.
  5. Repaired belt on Toyota

Weather: Blue sky, -15 to -6 C, wind 4-14 knots from S, wind picking up during the day and low wind during night, visibility unrestricted.

Ad 1. The roof construction was more complicated today because the roof needed to bridge the pass way between the science and drill trenches.

Ad 2. The BAS team, Fabian and Tim started the survey with the Toyota but due to problems with a belt, they needed to shift to a snowmobile.

Ad 3: Henrik improved the shower facility so all 16 in camp could enjoy a real warm water shower.

Ad 5: We need to order new spare belts for the Toyota

FL, D. Dahl-Jensen

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