28 April 2008

A big bird in town

A C5 freighter visiting Kangerlussuaq

Our cargo from Copenhagen has arrived, and a US Air Force 105th Air National Guard C5 cargo airplane visited Kangerlussuaq Monday.

On Sunday, we received cargo from Copenhagen and started sorting out equipment for the camp, the storage, and the field office. The office is now fully functional. Monday morning we located some of our ship cargo from last summer and brought it down to our warehouse. In the afternoon we went to the airport to see the big C5 cargo airplane from the US Air Force 105th Air National Guard. The airplane was planed to have carried the main dome for the NEEM site to Kangerlussuaq, but the airplane was loaded with equipment for a US traverse that will drive on the ice sheet from Thule Air Base to the Summit camp. The dome will arrive with another plane slightly later. The C5 stopped in Kangerlussuaq for refueling and to take on some additionally cargo before going to Thule Tuesday morning. The size and cargo capacity was mind-blowing, especially compared to the Hercules planes we normally use for transport to the ice.

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