1 May 2008

From harbour to airport

Moving beams for trench construction

The main tasks of Tuesday - Thursday have been to assemble a new skidoo (which will be the only one in camp to start with as the others have to be dug out first), move cargo, and work on the formal issues of environmental approval, tax, and import procedures. We have also completed the maintenance of the vehicles. The Toyota is now operational and the VW pickup has been eqipped for use on the airport apron.

Despite a rainy morning, two of the Field Office Managers started Wednesday morning with a run to nearby Lake Ferguson (well, not THAT nearby) to the big surprise of the local residents. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning was spent moving approximately 35 tonnes of construction wood from the harbour to the airport apron so it is ready to be packed on pallets for the flight to NEEM. At the NEEM site, the wood will be used to construct the drill trench roof and other facilities under the snow surface. Because the harbour is 13 km away from town, the operation involved spending quite some time on the bumpy harbour road, supposedly a part of Greenland's longest road.

Also, an effort from both the FOMs and the NEEM Webmaster has been invested in making the new NEEM web page ready for launch before the put-in next week.

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