26 April 2008

Fleet management

Working in the snow in front of warehouse

Since the field office opening, the field operation managers (FOMs) have been busy in the warehouse. The first important task is to get the vehicles up and running. The operational fleet now consists of two pick-up trucks, two forklifts, one flatbed truck, and a skidoo. Our Toyota Landcruiser is experiencing some problems (narrowed down to a punctured tire and a dead battery). The last vehicle in the warehouse is the big new and shiny Pistenbully tracked vehicle, which will be going to the ice camp in a few weeks. Before that, the FOMs will assemble the crane to put onto the Pistenbully. It is only a matter of a few bolts to assemble the crane, but these are thought to be in a box on the driver’s seat inside the vehicle. But … we are not able to get into the vehicle because the keys are in the cargo boxes that have been delayed on their way to Greenland.

What we did today and yesterday:

  • worked on vehicle maintenance
  • got number plates on flatbed truck.
  • moved stuff from warehouse (also known as “442”) into FOM office
  • started working on Pistenbully pallet
  • worked on web page
  • drained area in front of 442   

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