24 April 2008

Field office in Kangerlussuaq opened

Warning sign at the runway end and view over mountains

The NEEM field office in Kangerlussuaq was opened by Lars Berg Larsen, Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen and Sune Olander Rasmussen. This trio will over the next two weeks act as FOMs (Field Operation Manger) and prepare for the put-in at the NEEM site, which will take place around May 6.
The next cargo will not arrive at Kangerlussuaq until Sunday so the FOMs will in the next couple of days work on practical things both at the office and in the warehouse. Especially the warehouse needs some attention to be fully efficient for the coming season. 

What we did today:

  • arrived in the morning (without Sune's luggage)
  • said hello to a lot of people
  • started vehicles (except Toyota: flat tire and battery)
  • tested new VW crew cab pickup truck - seems OK
  • tried to get number plates on flatbed truck. We will have to get the truck checked in the workshop tomorrow
  • cleaned and arranged furniture in FOM office
  • ordered airport airside entry cards
  • started installing communication equipment: internet connection fully functional, phone line operational for outgoing calls.

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