29 April 2015

A very successful day with the put-in of the Renland radar team

Todds drone has taken an arial picture of Mestersvig

We have had activities at six sites today

The radar team consisting of Christian, Iben, Trevor and Sune was put in by two Twin Otter missions from Mestersvig to Renland.

At 21:00 the camp reported that all tents were up and the camp happy. The communication system was not operational yet.

The plan is to start the radar survey Thursday with a first trip around the edges of the 5 km grid to check for crevasses.

There has been no missions to Mestersvig today due to marginal weather in Kangerlussuaq.

The team has settled in and Sarah has taken over the Mestersvig kitchen. Not surprisingly all – including the two from Mestersvig - are enjoying.

The polar bear in the area is a concern so a rifle is always included in outdoor trips. The Sirius Patrol has invited on a trip tomorrow – so the team is hoping for a no-mission day tomorrow too…
Constable Point
Lars and Dennis met with Simon and Lizzie and they started looking at the cargo in the containers shipped to Constable Point last Autumn.

The first Pisten Bully pallets were shipped to Thule together with GRIT pallets. Tomorrow Skier 31 will continue to NEEM with the cargo and make a further shuttle to Thule for fuel. Pat is in Thule and will join the mission to NEEM.

The skiway is marked with skiway flag and has been groomed.
The fuel pump system for fuel transfer from skier to tank has been tested and the tanks are ready at the apron.

The pallets are all ready now and the missions planned. The Thule shuttle on Thursday, two missions to NEEM and one to Mestersvig Friday,and the second mission to Mestersvig on Saturday.

There is a lively stream of communication between all the teams so the phones in the office are busy. There was time in the afternoon for a skiing trip in Lake Fergerson.

The FOMs

Anna and Joel kite skiing on Lake Fergerson

Anna and Joel kite skiing on Lake Fergerson

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