28 April 2015

Activities in more locations

First team to go to NEEM/EGRIP 2015

The team is divided in three groups – at NEEM, Mestersvig and Kangerlussuaq. Communication between the groups is important and we have had busy telephone lines today.

The camp has been opened and the generator is heating the main dome.

The skiway and apron has been marked with skiway flags and is being groomed.

The temperature was -29 °C and windy at 19:00 and the temperature in the dome has finally reached 0 °C!

The Twin Otter has arrived in the area and there has been a meeting with the pilots.

The plan is to put-in the radar team with two missions tomorrow, Wednesday 29 April.
Two put-in loads have been prepared for this put-in.

All pallets (except frozen and non-freeze goods) have been palletized and moved to the apron so we are ready for the coming five missions to NEEM and Mestersvig.

It has been decided to send Lars and Bruce to Constable Point instead of Mestersvig because the mission to Mestersvig was cancelled today due to marginal weather in Kangerlussuaq.

Georg Miller has arrived with Air Greenland.

Tomorrow will be even more interesting as we will have activities at six locations: NEEM, Renland, Thule, Kangerlussuaq, Mestersvig and Constable Point.


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