27 April 2015

Successful flights

First group arriving to Mestersvig
After some very intense days sorting cargo and food and building pallets for NEEM/EGRIP and RECAP the big day with missions happened today.

Arrival to NEEM
At 09:40
Skier 01 departed to NEEM with Jørgen Peder, Sepp, Sverrir, Mathias and Helle. The skier arrived at 12:22 at NEEM. The skier took off in the first attempt without the use of jatos.

At 19:00 the team reported that the 15 kw generator was running, pizza's being heated and water melted for dinner. A very successfull put-in. No pictures have arrived from camp yet.

Arrival to Mestersvig
At 13:30
Skier 91 departed to Mestersvig with Sune, Trevor, Dennis, Todd, Emily, Iben, Christian, Sarah and Lars and the first three pallet for the RECAP expedition.

The weather was really great on the east coast and the team has settled in Mestersvig. There is still so much snow in Mestersvig that the windows are under snow. Lars returned with the skier so we can present a team picture from Mestersvig.

We would like to thank all for exceptional help this week.

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