30 April 2015

Good news from all sites


NEEM camp seen from the 109'er

From tomorrow there will be separated diaries from NEEM and RECAP !

We had a double mission to NEEM over Thule bringing the first parts of the new PistenBully the GRIT traverse pallets and fuel, to camp.

The story of the day is again from Mestersvig. Dennis was woken during the night by a polarbear looking through the window…

There has been two landings on the groomed skiway at NEEM. The skiway is good and a few rollers needs to be removed. The skiway has been approved for landing of the heavy Pistenbully load (16.000 lbs) tomorrow.
The camp received the Pistenbully belts, 3 pallets with GRIT equipment and 6500 l of fuel.

The radarteam is doing well and made the first measurements along the margins of the grid. The grid was slightly reduced in the corners because of risk of crevasses.

The VSAT communication system is still not operational so communication is restricted to the irridum telephone.

A day with good weather (and no further polarbear sightings). The team worked with the cargo and was invited for a skidoo trip with the Mestersvig personal.

Constable Point
The containers are found and snow cleared around them. They will be moved to a position close to the buildings and loads for the Bassler will be prepared.
The airport personal is supporting the cargo handling which makes life a lot easier.

The day was spent with small things as we more or less are ready for the NEEM and Mestersvig mission. The plan is to have two mission to NEEM and one to Mestervig tomorrow.

The FOMs

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