8 May 2011

First blusterous day of the season

In the blizzard Sepp is working on the entrance to the science trench. Part of the main dome is to the left.

Just as forecasted, we got hit by strong winds today. Our Belgian forecasters had cloud cover, wind direction, wind speed and temperatures correct. The weather system came 8 hours earlier than forecasted, and this gives us hope for tomorrow, because the system may pass tomorrow at noon instead of 8PM as forecasted.

We were forced in-door and underground. In the drill trench, the drillers have been working on shortening the tower so it fits under the sinking roof. This is o.k. as we do not need the long drill anymore. All drilling and tests will be performed with the short version called the Hans Tausen drill (named after the Hans Tausen glacier in Peary Land where the drill was first deployed in 1995).

The ice core chemical analysis team (CFA team) have begun setting up equipment.

What we have done today:

1. Testing the winch.
2. Aligning the tower and shortening the tower by 2 x 1.5 m.
3. Unpacking CFA equipment and beginning CFA setup.
4. Unpacking in workshop garage.
5. Resetting drillers cabin and floor.
6. Activating drillers workshop.
7. Watching the snow blowing by.

Ad 1,2 and 5: The deep drill winch works normally. Temperature in drill trench: -29 °C. The long tower could not pass the backside of the roof supporting beam. A 1.5 m section was removed from both the upper section and the lower section of the tower. The tower can now be tilted to vertical.

Weather: Overcast. Temp. - 17 °C to - 25 °C, 18-26 knots from SW.
Visibility: 1/4 mile, blowing snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Simon sets up equipment in the CFA lab.

Top of the tower touches the roof beam before shortening. From left to right: Trevor, Simon, Bruce and Carsten.

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