7 May 2011

A cold Saturday

Work crew huddles in the lee of the pit while they mount the wooden shaft extensions over the entrance to the drill trench.

The night to Saturday was very cold. Some people moved from the red dome to the main dome, as temperatures in the red dome did not exceed -15 °C .

Inside the main dome it was a cosy +15 °C . Work on the snow, particularly on extending the entrance shafts, was a cold experience. With temperatures slowly creeping up to -30 °C  and 20 knot winds, the wind chill was tough. Our weather forecaster predicts a blow coming from the SW tomorrow, so we prepared camp for the blow.

In the evening, the wind turned to SW and began picking up, at the same time temperatures began to rise. At that time, however, we sat inside the main dome enjoying Saturday night meal: Steaks with potatoes, beans and béarnaise sauce with some smoked halibut for starters. All prepared by Sarah. After the meal we enjoyed doing dishes with the dishwasher. At 9PM we decided to see a movie; but only a few stayed on to the end, most people simply fell asleep or went to bed.

By 12 PM all was quiet in camp with the only sound being the wind outside.

What we have done today:

1. Shaft extensions mounted on main elevator and staircase.
2. Load platform for small elevator in place.
3. Scientific equipment brought into science trench.
4. Overwintering electronics brought from science trench to main dome.
5. Main snow melter filled. Insulation mounted on water pipes at snow melter.
6. Warm water tanks on-line and dishwasher working.
7. Saturday evening.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 22 °C  to - 35 °C , 4-20 knots from SSE turning SW.
Visibility: 1-3 miles, blowing snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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