8 July 2011

Refrozen basal water under the drill!

Drillers admiring the refrozen water.

After the ice core from yesterday with a very high content of basal material we decided that there was a high chance that we were at the bedrock. When we lowered the rock drill to the base to drill we nearly immediately had too much friction to drill.

At the surface we saw that the drill was full of refrozen basal water with refrozen ‘flower’ of basal water hanging under the rock drill.

During the evening we followed the liquid level and we believe we have of the order of 60 cm of basal water at the base of the borehole.

What we have done today:
1. Retrieving frozen basal water under the drill
2. CFA team packing
3. PICARRO measuring at the water vapor station
4. Moving the Sauna garage into place on a new surface hill
5. Grooming camp area
6. Preparing for the Royal visit
7. Repairing shallow drill and preparing for shallow drilling

Weather: Blue sky changing to overcast, temp. -12°C to -6°C, wind 4-10 knots from S to SE.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Refrozen basal water hanging under the 1 inch rock drill - The mini-thing.

NEEM camp members admiring the refrozen basal water. 


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