7 July 2011

A day with big events

Danish Air Force airdrop at NEEM.

The morning started with preparations for the airdrop that happened at 1100 local. The Danish Air Force Challenger came to NEEM and delivered two airdrops with the two 60 kg dead weights to be used with the rock drill.

All 16 in camp observed the event and both airdrops hit spot on the designated area on the skiway where the south end of the taxiway meets the skiway.

The Challenger came in in beautiful weather and went very low over the skiway for the air drop. A GREAT THANKS to the Danish Air Force from all at NEEM!

After lunch the bailing of liquid up from the NM2011 S1 411m deep bore hole was finished and a casing tube was placed in the hole to extend it up through the drill trench to the present surface.

All equipment was removed from the sauna tent and the tent moved to the side.

 The area around the casing of the borehole was filled in with snow to above the present surface and left to harden over night.

Just before dinner a beautiful 37 cm ice core with a very high concentration of basal material was drilled. The base of the core was very flat and there is a hope that we really are at the bedrock now.

The basal material is very banded and we are looking forward to hear from experts what we are seeing! The NEEM team is considering  a new bedrock party!

What we have done today:
1. Bailing of drill liquid out of the 2011 S1 borehole finalized
2. Drilling in the NEEM deep borehole (run 948; 37 cm;
  loggers depth: 2538.10 cm)
3. CFA team packing
4. PICARRO measuring at the water vapor station
5. Emptying the sauna garage
6. Moving the sauna garage to the present surface
7. Receiving two airdrops from the Danish Air Force
8. Preparing for Royal visit and flight period next week

Weather: Blue sky changing to overcast, temp. -12°C to -6 °C, wind 4-10
knots from S to SE.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


Moving the Sauna garage to the surface.

The second ice core with high content of basal material.



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