5 July 2011

Mystic ice from the rock drill

Drillers in action

There is great excitement around the drilling at the base of the deep NEEM borehole. The 1 inch rock drill brought up a second core. Most of the material was ice grains that where ‘frozen’ together when they were retrieved on the surface.

Most of the impurities in between the ice grain seems to be our droppings. The last
4-5 cm drilled was a real piece of ice with a very high content of impurities. Is this the plug that we could not penetrate last year?

What we have done today:
1.  Bailing of drill liquid out of the 2011 S1 borehole
2.  Drilling in the NEEM deep borehole with a 1 inch rock drill
3.  CFA team packing
4.  PICARRO measuring at the water vapor station
5.  Temperature measurements at the 2009 S1 shallow borehole site completed.
6.  Grooming skiway
7.  Removing snow around the sauna garage and equipment from the garage tent
8.  Ordering food for 14 July mission

Weather: Blue sky, Temp. -4°C to -15°C, wind 0-10 knots from S.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Second core drilled with the rock drill.

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