27 June 2011

CFA analysis of NEEM main core terminated and packing

NEEM team June 2011 says goodbye and welcome to the many new crew members arriving this week

Last night the last samples of the NEEM main core brittle zone ice were measured in the CFA lab. The sample quality of the central part of the brittle zone has only allowed for a few percent of the core to be analyzed and therefore the last hundred meters of sample have been processed in just a few days.

We were all taken a bit by surprise that it went so fast at the end. Nevertheless, the termination of the CFA processing actually marks the end of our main activity up here: namely drilling, processing and analysis of the main NEEM ice core. So we needed a small celebration event in the evening.

Otherwise, camp has been busy today packing ice core boxes and other items that will be shipped out on this week’s flight missions.

What we have done today:
1. NEEM S2 drilling depth 94.02 m
2. Logging of NEEM S2 borehole to determine a constant inclination of 4 deg.
3. CFA of brittle zone: bag 1915 – 2099 (1052.70 - 1154.45 m) 6 m analyzed. 6% The End!
4. Packing, strapping, and weighing all S1 and discrete samples ice core boxes for shipment
5. Packing AWI radar equipment on one sledge in Carpenters garage
6. Emptying and taking down 2/3 of main ice core buffer
7. Labeling of new DK ice core boxes # 5820-5827. Next box should be 5828
8. Celebrating termination of CFA main core analyses

Weather: Blue sky in the morning, overcast in the afternoon and evening.
Temp. -5 °C  to -15 °C , wind 2 - 10 knots from S.

FL, Anders Svensson

The 24th camp member finally made it into the bird house
The 24th camp member finally made it into the bird house.


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