27 May 2011

We have visitors and enjoy the company

One of the three tractors of the Greenland Ice Sheet Traverse (GRIT) on arrival to NEEM yesterday. The sleds consist of plastic carpets with heavy cargo on air cushions. They are capable of carrying very heavy loads with very low ground pressure.


The six members of the GRIT traverse joined us for meals today and it was nice to spend an evening in new company.

This year, the traverse has been very fast. May is not over yet, but they are already almost back to Thule after a trip to Summit. The distance from NEEM to Summit is 680 km and they covered twice that distance in 20 days, and on the way to Summit they hauled much more than 100 tons of freight.

In the afternoon Sverrir from NEEM and Brad from the traverse worked together with fuel tanks, pumps and cranes and NEEM received enough fuel to be in good shape all summer. We may now only need a resupply in August when we pull out.

What we have done today:

1. Drilling and logging. In two shifts.  Depth 128  m.
2. Processing NEEM deep core brittle zone, bags 1929-1959
  (1060.40m – 1077.45m).
3. Measuring by CFA.  Measured 24.2 m in 24 hour operation. Depth 2234.10m
4. U.S. borehole logging in progress.
5. Receiving fuel from GRIT traverse.
6. Groomed skiway lengthwise and part of taxiway and apron with beam groomer.

Drillers report:  Wet drilling runs routinely, and the core quality is good.

Weather: Clear, later low thin overcast and light snow. Temp. - 15 °C to - 25 °C, 10 - 6 knots from E later W. Visibility unrestricted, during snow showers down to 1 mile.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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