26 May 2011

Today the wind relented and we have to push snow again

A quiet moment in the science trench. Anna and Gregory in the foreground and Sepp
and Anders next to the white CFA laboratory.

There was some cleaning up to do after two days of strong wind from the
East. Several entrances had to be excavated and many 40 cm snowdrifts
across the skiway had to be removed.

Otherwise, work is progressing fine at the drill, in the science trench and
in the CFA laboratory.

For some of the drillers, the wet mode drilling is a new thing, and although
there are a lot of advantages, there are also disadvantages, such as
handling a wet drill, processing the wet chips in a centrifuge to retrieve
the fluid, and the overall wetness of the fluid on surfaces, on gloves and
on the clothes.

Today the U.S. GRIT traverse train arrived for a pit stop on their way to
Thule from Summit. Tonight and tomorrow, we are hosting the 6
GRIT people.

What we have done today:

1. Drilling and logging. In two shifts. Drillers now in wet drilling mode.
  Depth 101  m.
2. Processing NEEM deep core brittle zone, bags 1905-1928
  (1047.20m – 1060.40m).
3. Measuring by CFA. All CFA systems running. Measured 7.7 m. Depth 2209.90m
4. Setting up U.S. borehole logging equipment.
5. Worked on oven in kitchen
6. Removed snow drift around generator house and at storage garage.
7. Pulled fuel tank into position in camp.
8. Troubleshooting new CH4 PICARRO system.
9. Received GRIT traverse en route from Summit to Thule.
10.Groomed skiway with beam groomer and removing snow drifts across
  skiway with dozer blade.

Drillers report:  Wet drilling runs routinely, and the core quality is
good again.

Weather: Clear all day. Temp. - 16 °C to - 25 °C, 18 - 8 knots from SE.
Visibility unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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