21 May 2011

Finally the plane made it

Happy drillers mounting the new motor. From left to right: Carsten, Bruce, Trevor, Darcy and Bruce.

Today it happened. The plane finally made it and 15 new members made it to NEEM camp. Now the camp has grown to full size this year. With the arrival of so many, the activity has increased considerably. After the usual briefing, we had to disappoint the new-comes, just a little bit. But due to the delayed arrival, we had decided to postpone the Saturday night celebration to Sunday evening. Everyone joined work in camp immediately and some worked until late.

Hans Christian and Christian left us today. We gave them our best wishes and thanks for their good efforts in camp.

Our skiway was too bumpy for the 109th and we didn’t pass the exam. The good weather in the past week has been a blessing for work outside but a small curse for the skiway, as we have got no new snow to work with using our groomers. However the bumps are small and we hope to correct them soon.

What we have done today: 
1.  Received Skier 62.
2.  Received 15 new NEEM’ers, said good bye to two.
3.  Built two new outhouses.
4.  Exchanged motor on shallow winch.
5.  Unpacking cargo and taking fresh food to food storage.
6.  Begun setting up the gas and isotope part of CFA.
7.  Groomed central skiway with beam groomer.

Weather: Mostly clear. Temp. - 16 °C  to - 26 °C , 5-10 knots from ENE. Visibility unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen 

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