10 August 2010

Camp Century Drilling

Trevor and Mark went by Twin Otter to Camp Century to drill
The beautiful Norlandair ski-equipped Twin Otter.

Today was the day to drill a 30m ice core and sample a 2m surface pit at Camp Century. The ice core overlaps with the last ice core we drilled at Camp Century in 1977 and allows us to extend the climate record to 2010.

The ice core is part of the EU FP7 Ice2Sea project (http://www.ice2sea.eu/) where our part is to examine how the temperature and accumulation has changed in the central parts of the Greenland ice sheet with the global warming.

The ski-equipped Twin Otter left camp at 11:00 local and at 18:00 local a very proud Trevor called from Camp Century to tell that the mission was successful accomplished and they would take off for Qaanaaq in 10 minutes. WELL DONE!

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m
All ice processed except the brittle ice from 1027.40m to 1154.45m (bag

What we have done today:
1. Prepared cargo for the pull out.
2. Drilled a 30m ice core and sampled a 2 m surface pit at Camp Century.
3. Sampled NEEM 2010 S3 for Mercury.
4. Zig zag beam groomed the skiway and tilled the apron and taxiway.
5. Cleaned and removed snow behind the tables in the science trench and the drill
6. Tested the NZ intermediate drill.
7. Packed ice core boxes.
8. Freed all weatherports from snow.
9. Long check of generator.
10. Fuelled Twin Otter with 200l of fuel.

Weather: Blue sky with ground fog in the morning and evening. Temperatures between -13°C  and -23°C . Wind 0-11 kt from SE.

Goodbye to Trevor and Mark en route to Camp Century.

FL  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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