9 August 2010

Sunny cold autumn weather

A fresh camp reappears after the storm.

We woke to a cold and calm day with a sun halo in the morning ground fog. Footmarks started to appear on the fresh snow surface – all heading towards the main dome. Everyone was busy levelling the camp, grooming the skiway and cleaning and packing in the science and drill trench. Trevor and Mark finished the NEEM 2010 S3 core and packed the DK shallow drill for the Ice2Sea Camp Century and Dye3 shallow ice core drilling operations. James continued the sampling of the core for Mercury while Bryn grabbed the opportunity to log the S3 borehole. At 21:00 in the evening the Norlandair Twin Otter arrived to camp to stay overnight. The plans have been shifted so the Camp Century drilling will happen tomorrow if the weather permits.

No more deep drilling and logging. Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m All ice processed except the brittle ice from 1027.40m to 1154.45m (bag 1869-2099)

What we have done today:

  1. Prepared cargo for the pull out
  2. Prepared the Camp Century and Dye 3 drillings
  3. Terminated the NEEM 2010 S3 core at the depth 87.30m
  4. Sampled NEEM 2010 S3 for Mercury
  5. Logged the NEEM 2010 S3 hole with the optical logger.
  6. Beam groomed the skiway, taxiway and apron
  7. Removed the surface vapour tower and the HF antenna
  8. Levelled the snow in camp
  9. Cleaned and removed snow behind the tables in the science trench and the drill trench
  10. Tested the NZ intermediate drill

Weather: Blue sky with ground fog in the morning and evening. Temperatures between -13°C and -25°C . Wind 0-5 kt

FL Dorthe Dahl-Jensen  

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