6 August 2010

High winds stops the shallow drilling

An other drill site 3 km from camp
The idyllic shallow drill site before the high winds.

The NEEM2010 S3 core is being drilled at the shallow drill site 3 km from camp. Some cores are taken aside for a dielectric program made by S. Fujita and the rest of the cores are sampled on site for Hg by J. Zheng in the yellow/white tent.

After lunch the wind had picked up to 25 kt and the shallow drilling and sampling was stopped. Later the wind picked further up to 30 kn with gusts up to 40 kt. The camp activities continued mainly inside and in the trenches.

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m.
All ice processed except the brittle ice from 1027.40m to 1154.45m (bag 1869-2099).

What we have done today:
1. Measured DEP, ECM and cut stable water isotope samples of NEEM2010S2, bag 3-53.
2. Drilled the first ice cores with the NZ drill at the test site behind the garage.
3. Drilled the NEEM2010 S3 core to the depth 81 m.
4. Logging with Bryns logger.
5. Finished packing the surface vapor sampling equipment.
6. Organizing the carpenters garage for end of season.
7. Removing snow around main dome and weatherports.

Weather: Increasing overcast and snowfall. Temperatures between -18 °C and -6 °C. Wind 3-30 kt from SW.

FL Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

  A special Thursday evening with champagne
Celebrating the end of the brittle ice processing 2010 and the first NZ ice core in the science trench (Thursday evening). Julie and Heather served champagne in candle light.

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