5 August 2010

Generator stop

The leaking seal in the main generator has to be changed
Picture of the leaking seal in the main generator.

During the last weeks an oil leak has been observed in the very central parts of the generator. The time is correct now for changing the leaking seal (black ring indicated with the red arrow) as the deep drilling is terminated and the good weather together with the end of season tasks allows all to be busy on the surface.
Sverrir, Simon and Tim worked on the generator. The generator needed to be lifted and pulled apart. The space available to do the repair made the task very demanding.

Kasper had prepared a barbeque to keep the power consumption from the main dome
kitchen low and the shower, dish washer and washing machine were closed for the day.

The camp was powered with the 12 kVA SDMO generator, the 16 kVA Mase generator and the 4kVA Robin generator. The NZ drill with the 5 kVA Hartz generator and the DK shallow drilling with the 4.5 kVA Honda generator. At 16:10 the generator was online again.

  Barbeque on the ice
Kasper barbequing hamburgers for lunch.

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m.
All ice processed except the brittle ice from 1027.40m to 1154.45m (bag 1869-2099).

What we have done today:
1. Measured the last part of the GPS net close to camp.
2. Connected NZ version of the HT drill to the tower.
3. Drilled the NEEM2010 S3 core to the depth 64.11 m.
4. Logging with Bryns logger.
5. Made a 2 m pit at the shallow drill site.
6. Started to pack the surface vapor sampling equipment.
7. Repaired main generator.

Ad. 3: The bags 13-15; 28-30; 43-45... are packed for S. Fujita while the rest are used sampled for Hg by J.Zheng.

Ad. 5: The pit has been sampled in 2.5 cm resolution for stable water isotopes for the Ice2Sea program and Be10 samples were also taken by Anne Marie.

Weather: Sunshine with some high clouds. Temperatures between -21 °C and -9 °C. Wind 3-11 kt from S.

FL Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

  Generator under repair
Sverrir at the entrance to the generator hut.

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