25 July 2010

Visit by Skier 92

Skier 92
Skier 92 parked on a newly groomed apron in nice cold and sunny weather.
Note the 8 propellers on each engine which gives the Skier extra power as
compared to the conventional 4-propellar type. 

As weather has improved dramatically, we could receive Skier 92 today. The plane arrived with 14 Greenland, Danish and US Science and Education visitors that were given a one hour tour of camp. Camp received fuel and could ship out two pallets of ice core boxes. Intensive grooming yesterday and low night temperatures had hardened the skiway so the plane could take off in first attempt.

In the drill trench the drillers are struggling to penetrate the silty ice and in the science trench the processors are struggling with the brittle ice that appears to go apart more than ever.

Driller’s depth: 2521.98 m
Logging: 1.00 m, logger’s depth: 2537.29 m
Processing: 6.60 m (bag 1589-1600), processing depth: 880.00 m

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and core logging ice.
2. CFA packing.
3. Processed brittle ice.
4. Receiving Skier 92.
5. Building two ice core pallets.
6. Giving the Science and Education people a tour of camp.

Weather: Blue sky, low temperatures, and low winds all day long. Excellent weather for receiving a Skier. The warmest summertime appears to be over and we have night temperatures down to -20 deg °C, lowest temperature in two months.

FL’s Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Anders Svensson

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