19 July 2010


2500 meters celebrated
Celebrating ’drillers’ 2500 m depth.

Ice core lengths are of course measured in meters. Whenever the drilling, the processing, or the CFA lab passes a round depth, such as 1000 m, it is time for a celebration.

At NEEM we do, however, also measure ice core lengths in ‘bags’, which are the 55 cm pieces that the ice core is cut into for packing in boxes. Therefore, one can also to celebrate a depth of 1000 bags (550 m) or the processing of 2000 bags in the season.

Today, the drill trench could celebrate 2500 m drilling in cable length – the so-called driller’s depth (picture). The driller’s depth currently deviates with about 15 m from the logger’s depth, which is the ‘true’ accumulated length of the ice core. The logger’s depth of 2500 m was celebrated last Saturday. Today, the science trench celebrated processing of bag 4444.

In this way, almost every day has its smaller or larger celebration. A nice way to make a very long ice core somewhat shorter.

Drilling: 15.83 m, drillers depth: 2507.34 m
Logging: 15.06 m, loggers depth: 2522.38 m
Processing: bag 4435-4480 (25.30 m) 2464.00 m

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and core logging ice.
2. Processed deep ice.
3. CFA calibration and packing.
4. Grooming skiway in the evening.
5. Cleaned up Main Dome.

Weather: During the day, overcast, snow showers, snow drift, wind up to 20 knots from SW, temperatures -7 °C to -10 °C . In the evening, it is clearing somewhat up, there is almost no wind, clouds are broken and temperature is -8 °C .

FL’s Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Anders Svensson


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