18 July 2010

A quiet Sunday

Ice crystal at 2364 meters depth
Large ice crystals in deep NEEM ice at 2364 m depth. The ice crystal outlines are obtained from thin sections of ice core that are held between crossed linear polarizers. The images have artificial coloring that represents crystal orientations. The top of the core points to the left.

A Sunday where drilling has progressed well, with cores of 1-2 m length, processing of the deep ice has been in good progress in the science trench, and the CFA has worked on calibrations and started packing down equipment.

On the surface, the Pistenbully has groomed the skiway and the camp area. With all the snow showers and drifting snow there is a lot of work to be done there. In addition, the shallow drill has been assembled and it was pulled to a new drill location south of camp.

Drilling: 5.98 m, drillers depth: 2491.51 m
Logging: 6.10 m, loggers depth: 2507.29 m
Processing: bag 4405-4434 (16.50 m) 2438.70 m

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and core logging ice.
2. Processed deep ice.
3. CFA calibration and packing.
4. Grooming skiway all day.
5. Bringing equipment to shallow drill site S2.

Weather: This morning started out very promising with clear blue sky and low winds from SE. During the day, however, the wind picked up to 18 knots from SW and we have had some snow showers and some snow drift again.
Temperatures from -7 °C  to -12 °C and in the evening low broken clouds.

FL’s Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Anders Svensson

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