5 June 2010

Saturday with the "old" team

The Ice cap invites you to practice cross country skiing
It is quite a privilege to have your first ski lessons on the Greenland ice sheet.

So the “old” team could spend Saturday night together an extra time. Marie our doctor heroically volunteered to cook Saturday nights supper with Christian as a fellow hero doing the deserts. It became a really nice evening where people had a chance to spend a last evening together before 19 NEEM’ers leave tomorrow.

They are all looking forward to leaving, not because they dislike being at NEEM, but because, as Alli put it: “When you have set your mind to leave a certain day, then you want to go; but if you had planned to stay a month longer, then you would have no problem staying”.  Before dinner, some took a walk in the beautiful weather, some went to the sauna together and some were skiing.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and logging.
2  Processed ice cores: 35 bags from 3363 to 3397.
3. Grooming skiway, apron and taxiway with tiller.
4. Measuring CFA. Today we measured 18.7 m. Last bag 2767, 1521.85 m.

Drillers depth:  1938.89 m. Logging depth: 1950 m

Weather: Broken thin, late afternoon becoming blue sky. -15 °C  to -8 °C ,
6-16 knots from SSE turning to SSW. Visibility: 3 miles to unrestricted.
Light morning haze..

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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