4 June 2010

Today finally, the Sun

An example of an ice core containing layers from some 50,000 years ago
A beautiful example of an ice core containing layers from some 50,000 years ago. Cloudy bands can be seen. Cloudy bands are a telltale sign that these layers are from a cold period in the last glacial period. During the cold periods of the last glacial the snow in Greenland contained about 10-100 times higher concentrations of e.g. continental dust than today. The concentrations are so high, mainly in snow from spring, that cloudy bands are formed. From the left: Bo, Theo and Christopher.

Today weather changed for the better. However, we still have no plane, as it has to be repaired. Most of the 19, that were supposed to have left, are missing their flights back home. As the first possible connection back to Europe is Monday and Tuesday, we decided to plan for a flight on Sunday. This way we have a chance to repair our skiway after the damage from several days of snow and snow drifting. The weather forecast for Sunday is good.

People took the opportunity to enjoy the good conditions outside. Some were skiing, some were flying kites and some even went kite skiing, making speeds up to 40 km/h on the snow.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and logging.
2. Processing brittle ice cores. Processed 30 bags, from 2301 to 2330. This section of
    brittle ice processing is now complete. Processed normal cores: 9 bags from 3354 to
3. Evening grooming skiway, apron and taxiway with tiller.
4. Measuring CFA. Today we measured 20.9 m. Last bag 2733, 1503.15 m.
    The CFA people have passed the onset of Bølling some 14,700 years ago and are
    working their way down to the layers of ice from the coldest part of the last glacial
5. Removing snow drifts around camp.

Drillers depth: 1933.81 m. Logging depth: 1944.80 m.

Ad.4: In the last couple of days the last instrument on the CFA line, a flow cytometer for measuring size distributions of microparticles, has been working fine. After quite some frustrations, results are now streaming in.

Weather: Overcast, late afternoon becoming blue sky. -16°C to -9°C, 10-18 knots from SSW turning to SSE. Visibility: ½ mile to unrestricted. Snow showers and blowing snow in the morning.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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