30 May 2010

A beautiful Sunday

NEEM camp main street with the line of national flags
With the line of national flags along main street NEEM camp looks beautiful on a sunny Sunday.

After the weekend break drillers always filter the hole to remove ice chips. Jakob used
this opportunity to mount his acoustic depth sounder and test it. This instrument is
intended for use later in the season to determine the distance between the bottom of
the hole and bedrock below.
Test results indicate that the instrument should be able to detect bedrock when drilling ice within 50 m from the bed.

At the water vapour sampling site all systems are running and Hans Christian is
following development of weather with keen interest. Present weather with very little
wind and bottom inversion is of particular interest.

What we have done today:
1. Filtering hole and drilling and logging.
2. Experiments with acoustic depth sounder in bore hole.
3. Processing brittle ice cores. Processed 15 bags, from 2154 to 2168.
4. Grooming skiway with beam groomer.
5. Measuring CFA. Today we measured 2.2 m. Last bag 2547, 1400.85 m.
6. Removing snowdrifts around workshop garage.

Ad.1: Drillers report:
Jakob and Adrian deploy the echo sounder during the morning and early afternoon
while Steff repairs the pump and makes preparations to complete the construction of
the 6 m hollow shaft. The filter was put once more down the borehole and picked up
7 kg of excess chips in the bottom 100 meters.
The first run during dinner time produced 2.3 meters cutting with a pitch of about
1.7 mm. For the second run we increased the cutting pitch to try to produce more coarse chips which should be beneficial for efficient chip transport and packing in the chip chamber.

Drillers depth: 1876.07 m. Logging depth: 1887.05 m.

Weather: Beautiful day and cold too. -29°C to -18°C, 2 - 8 knots from SW, later SE.
Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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