22 May 2010

Finally, the dog sled expedition was picked up

NEEM camp looks like a small village
From the distance, NEEM camp looks like a small village on the ice sheet and the main dome looks like a cartoon bomb from Bugs Bunny. 

Today, Mille and her dogs were picked up. It was a close call, as weather was not really for flying. The pilots found a gap in the clouds and landed at noon. The plane shut down the engines so that we could collect the dogs and load them into their kennels onboard the plane with no stress.
Camp personnel were thanked for their help and support to Mille and her dogs during their stay in NEEM camp.

It is Saturday and the Swiss were responsible for dinner. Matthias, Jakob, Daiana, Adrian and Theo made a lovely meal. It became a nice evening with conversation, music and dancing.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling and logging.
2. Setting up equipment in warm laboratories.
3. Processing ice cores.
4. Receiving Skier 61 (90). Plane picked up dog sled expedition.
5. Joe McConnell sampled in pit.
6. Saturday night. Our Swiss colleagues have been cooking.
7. First CFA run successful. The group measured all chemical components. Now they
  need to hook the melt line up to the gas laboratory.

Getting rid of the snow around the tents
There is still a lot of snow to be removed from around the tents.

Ad.1: Drillers report:
Three runs Saturday produced 6.48 meters. The first short run was due to ice under the cutter shoes and the next two runs encountered chip transport difficulties and high current after about two meters. Core breaks range between 900 and 1600 kg. Cutting pitch is on the order of 2 mm.

Driller's depth 1823.44 meters. Logging depth 1836.95 meters.

Ad.3: Processed 20 bags, last bag 3273, 1800.15 m.

Weather: Overcast all day. -16°C to -6°C, 5-18 knots from S and SSW. Snow showers most of the day. Visibility: between 0.5 mile to 5 miles due to snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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