3 May 2010

Unexpected visitors

Air Greenland Twin Otter at NEEM camp.
Air Greenland Twin Otter at NEEM camp.

The morning went as planned, but at Noon a Twin Otter suddenly flew over
camp. It was the PARCA crew that was scheduled to arrive here on Tuesday.
They were coming from Kangerlussuaq to do service on a weather station at
Camp Century before landing in Thule. As the weather at Camp Century was
bad, they decided to check out NEEM. They landed, and after a two hour
stay they flew onwards to Thule taking Joe and Jay with them. They plan to
come again tomorrow if weather permits. However the forecast is not so

The Pistenbully is still not operational. The error is electronic which is frustrating
as the thing is full of wires. We are exchanging e-mails with the company.

What we have done today:

1. Receiving Air Greenland Twin Otter.
2. Borehole logging in progress.
3. Working on food order for coming flight periods.
4. Finished mounting two parallel linear motors on tower.
5. Ice storage cave finished.
6. Un-packing in CFA laboratory.
7. Building cooks 12 x 20 weatherport.
8. Troubleshooting malfunction on Pistenbully.  Not solved yet.
9. Moving out-house.

Ad.1: The Twin Otter arrived 12.15 and departed 14.10. The pilots and the
PARCA crew had a snack. The twin Otter got 2 drums of fuel. The PARCA
weather station was serviced, and Joe and Jay left camp for Thule together
with their drilling equipment.

Ad.2: Borehole logging was interrupted due to a small fault on the depth
counter. The drillers are fixing it now, and try again tomorrow.

Ad.3: As weight is an issue this year for transportation of cargo to/from
the U.S. we have been requested to limit our food orders. Considerable
time has been spent on converting U.S. units: lb, gal., oz., fl. oz, pint,
quarts, dz and half dz in the spread sheets of food orders to meaningful
units that allows for adding weights. The author wonders why the U.S., a
child of the revolutionary movement in Europe, still sticks to the old
units of the British Empire.

Weather: Broken thin clouds, -21°C to -11°C, 4-18 knots from S and SE.
Visibility: 2 km decreasing to 500 m due to snow showers.

FL, J.P. Steffensen 

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