17 August 2009

Building pallets

Nice to build pallets in good weather

Pallet building can be a pleasure in good weather.

During the day all the many boxes from all the participating nations appeared from the trenches and the tents and the pallets could be built.
Many eager hands participated in the building. It is very nice to build pallets in good weather.

What we have done today:

1. Finished cleaning and documenting trenches
2. Cleaned and documented main dome 3
3. Taken down wireless net
4. Taken down the two weatherports close to skiway
5. Finished ice boxes and retro boxes (Todd, Dorthe)
6. Build pallets
7. Closed watersystem
8. Winterize watersystem, dishwasher, washing machines, soda machine
9. Documented food in dome (Louise, Brandon, Emilie)
10. Build ice pallets
11. Taken down flag line
12. Moved sledges to winter hills

Weather: We had clouds and full overcast in the morning. After noon the sky was blue. During night temperatures dropped to -26.6° with low winds. Max -10°. Wind 3-5 kn from SE.

Relaxing after a good day work 
After a good day work and building pallets with 80 heavy ice boxes, Lizzie, Julie, Anne and Emilie are enjoying a game of cards after dinner. The low orange sun is lightening the room.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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