13 May 2009

A day of successes

Transfer of fuel from Skier 73 to NEEM camp.

Transfer of fuel from Skier 73 to NEEM camp.

Yesterday it was decided to receive a plane from Thule with fuel. As most of the Greenland ice sheet stations had bad weather, NEEM was the only site with still god weather, and therefore the Hercules plane in Thule offered us two fuel deliveries in one day. The flight time from Thule to NEEM is a little more than an hour, so within 4 hours we received two loads of fuel. Our fuel pump did a good job, and we now have fuel for two months operation. Hans Christian flew out on the second plane, as he has to make a connection to his hometown of Tasilaq. We are now ten in camp. HansPeter and Jakob had a break though in programming the winch control. They found the right settings for the new motor, and now everything works. At suppertime the forecasted blizzard came; but we were prepared. Wind and snow does not hurt us, and with temperatures rising to completely new and warm -12°C, we could sit inside our warm dome and just enjoy the spectacle of the weather outside

What we have done today:

  1. Received Skier 73 two times in splendid weather.
  2. Operating aircraft fuel pump with succes.
  3. Said good bye to Hans Christian.
  4. Made furniture parts in garage for mounting in kitchen.
  5. Planning with Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq on how to proceed on the issue of the missing winch control spare parts.
  6. Finally achieved the right program settings for the old winch control to operate the new motor. The winch control and motor now work. Tomorrow we will mount the new motor on the winch and begin to mount the final parts of the drill.
  7. Parked all smaller vehicles indoor, cleaned up camp and closed all structures in preparation for the forecasted blizzard.

Ad.1: We received around 7,500 liter of fuel on the first shuttle and around 11,500 liter on the second. The 11,500 liter were transferred from the aircraft fuel tanks to our tanks in 15 minutes. Our old skiway got an upgrade and the crew was happy with the progress on the new skiway. It will need some grooming before a full hardness can be attained.

Weather: Blue sky, after 8 PM overcast -35°C to -11°C, 10-20 knots from SSE later S.
Visibility: Unrestricted, later 300 m. The blizzard hit us after 8PM with clouds snow and wind.
Temperatures rose by 10 degrees in a few hours.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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