8 May 2009

Preparations for flights next week begin


In the drill trench. The drill tower is lying down. The workshop is seen in the background

Focus of camp activities are beginning to shift from construction and installation to preparation for the flights next week. Sverrir and J.P. have been grooming the skiways all day. And another weather port was built. Hans Peter and Jakob have been working on activating the drill electronics section. As they started the motor, a component inside the drill electronics failed. They had to take the electronics section of the drill apart with the help of Steffen. Trevor was testing the drill fluid mixing station. Henrik and Oli were busy being plumber and carpenter. Bruno was working on making the spinner for drill chips easy to operate. What we have done today:

  1. Testing on-board drill electronics. The Dc-Dc converter in drill motor power supply was broken. It will be replaced.
  2. Grooming old and new skiway.
  3. Erected 12 x 20 weather port.
  4. Installing drain system for new toilet.
  5. Making a Labview based driver for the load cell electronics.
  6. Work on new wiring for the chip spinner.
  7. Took motor off winch and measured the sprocket wheel. This is in preparation for mounting a new motor next week.
  8. Operated the fluid mixing station.
  9. Mounting shelves and work bench in drill trench. Remaining leaks along the floor in main dome sealed with foam.

Weather: mostly blue sky, - 33 °C to -22 °C, coldest day in NEEM. On average below -26 °C, 10-14 knots from ESE.
Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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