30 July 2008

The fight period with the DV visit is coming close and the day is a big cleaning day in the camp

The campe with the black dome

The main dome is covered with the black rubber when viewed from the west side.

Just like at home – you clean before the guest arrive – the camp was busy cleaning goods from the surface, removing tools from the main dome and making order in the trenches. While the equipment was packed by the firn gas groups a final experiment of pouring drill liquid and some biological trace material in the S3 borehole was attempted. Unfortunately too much drifting snow had made it into the borehole and it was not possible to drill an ice core covered with the liquids as intended.

What we have done today:

  1. Prepared drill tower by drilling holes for the bolts connecting the old and new sections.
  2. Started widening the drill trench on the sides.
  3. Started making the steps down into the 8.2 m deep inclined drill trench.
  4. Worked on the winch control.
  5. Repaired power control on the shallow drill.
  6. Packed and palletized the air-gas sampling equipment.
  7. Cleaned in the science trench.
  8. Continued attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome.
  9. Removed tools and plywood from dome and cleaned the dome.
  10. Unpacked goods from the traverse sledges.
  11. Prepared pallet with drill equipment and ice core boxes.
  12. Prepared pallet with garbage and pallets. 

Weather: overcast, -5 - 9 C, wind 9-14 knots from SW, visibility unlimited

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