29 July 2008

The 3 ton heavy winch has been moved down in the drill trench

The winch

Winch being moved down in drill trench.

A mayor effort today was to move the winch down into the drill trench. We used the crane of the PistenBully as a contra weight so the winch would not slip from us and slide into the trench. After some hours (and some swearing mostly in Switzerdeutch) the winch was in place on the two strong beams in the trench. A second big victory was that the final depth of 8.2m was reached in the inclined drill trench.

What we have done today:

  1. Finished digging the inclined drill trench. Depth 8.2m
  2. Moved winch down into drill trench
  3. Finalized the drilling and air sampling for MPI in S4 (depths 29.7m, 39.3m, 48.6m)
  4. Ice core trough holders cut in wood for the ice core buffer.
  5. Continued attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome
  6. Worked on the winch control
  7. Packing boxes in firn-village
  8. Unpacking goods from the traverse sledges
  9. Finalizing the GPS measurements near NEEM 

Weather: overcast, -5 - 9 C, wind 9-14 knots from SW, visibility unlimited

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