27 July 2008

Work continues in camp


Digging the hole in the drill trench wall for the drillers cabin

After a slow Sunday morning work continues in camp. Digging in the trenches, construction of the core buffer, shelves in the dome, final drilling and gas pumping at the firn-gas village…

S2 (Mainly used for the European Gas Programs) No sampling Processed ice core to bag 138 (depth: 75.90m)

S3 (Mainly used for US Gas Programs)
Program successfully finalized
Processed ice core to bag 160 (depth: 88.00m)

S4(Mainly for MPI)
Gas pumped at the depths 5.0m and 10.0m
Ice core not saved

What we have done today:

  1. Continued digging the inclined drill trench. Depth 5m
  2. Moved snow on the side of the drill trench where drill cabin is to be
  3. Built ice core buffer
  4. Continued attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome
  5. Cut 2.5 cm water isotope samples and measured ECM on S2 and S3 ice cores.
  6. Firn-gas pumping program successfully continued
  7. The traverse moved 95km and stayed overnight at waypoint 62, 55 km from NEEM.

Weather: overcast, -6 - 12 C, wind 12 kn from SW, visibility unlimited

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