26 July 2008

Saturday evening and Bo's 30 year birthday


Bo's 30 year birthday

A busy digging snow day again. In the drill trench the inclined drill trench was 4 m deep and the hole in the wall for the drillers cabin was 1m. In the science trench the floor was leveled with the help of Henry’s expertise. At the firn-gas site there were problems with the drill both due to warm temperature icing and power problems. In the main dome walls and handrail for the staircase were made. The theme for Saturday night was celebration of Bo’s 30 year birthday. Carina and Bo prepared a most excellent Indonesian meal followed by ice cream cake with candles. Tent mates and friend surprised Bo with a big peber mill in front of Dome 1.

Fixing the rubber panels on the roof

S2 (Mainly used for the European Gas Programs)
Gas pumped at the depth 76.0m and 78.0m
Processed ice core to bag 133 (depth: 73.15m)

S3 (Mainly used for US Gas Programs)
Program successfully finalized
Processed ice core to bag 147 (depth: 80.85m)

What we have done today:

  1. Continued digging the inclined drill trench. Depth 4m
  2. Moved snow on the side of the drill trench where drill cabin is to be
  3. Prepared a flat floor in the science trench for ice core box storage and ice core buffer.
  4. Made walls in bathroom and handrail on staircase in main dome.
  5. Toyota running on new matrax
  6. Theo and Vas started attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome
  7. Cut 2.5 cm water isotope samples and measured ECM on S2 and S2 ice cores.
  8. Firn-gas pumping program successfully continued
  9. The traverse moved 115km and stayed overnight at waypoint 43. All is well and Anders, Lars and Sverrir celebrated Saturday evening with lambchops in the big tomato on one of the traverse sledges
  10. The seismometer is installed now and powered with sun panels and batteries. Measurements are started again.

Weather: changing overcast with snow and blue sky, -4 - 12 C, wind 5-15 kn from SW, visibility changeable

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