14 July 2008

The first monitoring of greenhouse gasses.


Building the second garage

The gas groups are ready to sample and as a test air from the surface have been sampled. A fast and primary measurement of the surface air showed a CO2 concentration of 381 ppm, a value representing the annual minimum concentration on the north hemisphere. In camp the science trench is prepared to receive the ice cores from the holes needed for the firn gas program. Cables are being drawn everywhere in camp and trenches made for the cables. The surfer team finished gluing the lower ring of rubber to the dome and continues with the rubber on the cupola. The frame of the second garage goes up and the end wall covers are mounted. Before the main cover can be placed wind picks up to 15 knots and it is decided to wait with the last garage cover.

Reaming depth: 50m
Reamer 5 diameter: 281 mm

What we have done today:

  1. Reamed the NEEM pilot hole with reamer 5 from 255 to 281mm.
  2. Pulled power cables in the camp. The whole camp except the trenches are powered by the main generator.
  3. Built the frame of the second garage and mounted the two end wall covers.
  4. Made shelves in dome and started building a floor over the bathroom region.
  5. Glued the black rubber panels on the lower ring and the cupola of the dome.
  6. Prepared science trench for the shallow ice cores from the air-gas program.
  7. Installation of firn-gas completed.


 Reaming the borehole with the big  reamer 5

Weather: overcast, low clouds, snow fall, -6 - 9 C, wind 10 knots from SW picking up to 18 knots during night from W, visibility unrestricted.

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