25 June 2008

Crew change

Our cook, Sarah

Sarah baking cakes on her last day at NEEM. Sarah, you have done miracles in camp. Thanks from everyone at NEEM.

Today weather was perfect for flights there was an exchange of personnel at NEEM.

It was decided to plan a flight mission very early in the day with departure from Kangerlussuaq at 04:30 so the skiers would reach the NEEM camp at 07:00 while the temperatures still were cold. This turned out to be a great success and the temperature was -13°C at 07:00 when the skier came to camp. 6 persons left camp and 9 arrived so the camp population at NEEM is 15 today. The remaining day was used for the newcomers to adjust to camp and camp activities and for the overlapping doctors, cooks and mechanics to exchange information. With 2 cooks in camp, the food was overwhelming including sushi, lasagne, 2 cakes, and chocolate strawberries. Thanks!

What we have done today:

  1. Receiving skier 73 at 07:00.
  2. Tilling and broadening parking area and tilling skier tracks from taxi area and skiway.
  3. Mounting remaining top panels on cupola roof.
  4. Cutting beams in size for science trench roof.
  5. Unpacking food and other goods.
  6. Preparing plan for pilot hole drilling.

Weather: blue sky, -14 to -5°C, 10 knots from SSW, visibility unrestricted.

Ad 1. The skier barely made tracks on the skyway and parking area. When parked the front ski could be lifted free of the surface. The skier had the frontski up after 1/3 of the skyway and was airborne before halfway down the skyway.

Ad 6. We propose to drill the 100 m pilot hole and ream it before furnishing the drill trench so the HT drill will be ready for the surface gas programmes after July 10th.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

The dome roof

The dome (or globe?) with roof on the cupola.

Dome builders observing

Dome builders observing the mounting of the roof cupola. Old and new staff discussing.

Roof builders in action

Zoom-in on the cupola roof builders in action.

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