6 June 2008

Another fine day for working outside

After dinner conversation

Sverrir (left) and Blair (right) have a chat in the sun after dinner.

We mounted new levels on the dome structure today. Weather was really fine and people were eager to work outside. Now the structure is so high, that our scaffold cannot reach anymore. Tomorrow we will only use the crane to mount the next levels. After that, we will lay out the floors inside the dome, and use those as scaffold to mount the structure at the top.

For once, the people excavating the drill trench did not have to bother with drifting snow into the trench. They created their own blizzard however, as the snow from the snow blower sometimes hit the dome construction crew. The snow fan from the blower was caught by the wind and reached as far as the aero plane parking area.

Claus and Michael set up a carpenter shop and cut timbers in preparation of the drill trench roof. The drill trench will be 4.9 m wide, 32 m long and 6 m deep.

What we have done today:

  1. Mounted new levels on main dome structure.
  2. Excavating drill trench in two shifts. Depth is now more than 4 m.
  3. Cutting wood for drill trench roof.
  4. Sorting out arriving cargo.

Weather: Blue sky all day, -11 C, 10 knots from S.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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