5 June 2008

Danish Constitution Day, another fine day

Building the main dome

The beginning of the main dome structure.

Like yesterday we received two flights today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our skiway is very hard after the right treatment with the new tiller. The pilots from the 109th even have a competition going on how short a takeoff they can do. In the last two days, the pilots have only used half of our skiway. Some pilots cheat a little bit; but the whole operations went like a clockwork and in a very pleasant atmosphere. After the two loads today the put-in of this period is completed. The 109th will go home to the U.S. for two weeks, except for one LC-130, Hercules, which will go to the air show in Karup in Denmark on Sunday.

The main dome construction is moving on. Compare the picture from yesterday (see gallery) with the one from today. Snow blowing in the drill trench is also going fine, even though we only have one working snow blower. The spare parts we ordered did not make it to Greenland in time for the last flight.

Today we said hello to Michael, who came on the last plane. We are now 12 people in camp.

What we have done today:

  1. Receiving two flights. Everything went fine. We received the last complicated load.
  2. Set the basic structure for main dome and the first dome sections.
  3. Excavating drill trench in two shifts. Depth is now about 4 m.
  4. Maintained generators.
  5. Setup a kerosene stove in kitchen.
  6. Saying hello to Michael, the last new member of the crew for this flight period.

Weather: Blue sky all day, -16 to -10 C, 17 knots from S-SE. In the evening overcast and 17 knots from S.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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